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A Life With Purpose: The Power of God Displayed Through the Struggles of My Life
Author: Kevin Berg
Pages: 70

After complications as he was being delivered as a baby, Kevin Berg developed cerebral palsy.  Throughout his life, Berg has always been determined and driven to show people that he is capable of far more than they might think.  When he was in school, he was reading at a college level and a part of the honors classes.  Berg also surprised people when he spent part of his college career by living on campus in the dorms instead of living at home (which would have been easier for a disabled person).  This book is Berg's story and shows how God continued to work in Berg's life.  The book details how several miraculous chains of events seem to occur for Berg.  

One area of the book that may concern some is when Berg discusses how he met and his relationship grew with Melinda, the woman that is now his wife.  When the two first met, she was married to a friend of Berg's.  As her husband began to treat her poorly and their relationship began to deteriorate, she turned to Berg for support and comfort.  The two of them fell in love.  Melinda asked her husband for a divorce.  For financial and child-rearing reasons (Melinda took custody of her five year old nephew) Melinda moved into the extra bedroom in Berg's house.  In December 2002, Berg and Melinda got married and they have been happily married since.

This book is interesting but never to the level of being compelling.  This is also likely one of the shortest books that many people have read in years.  It is a very easy read that most people will finish in less than two hours.  The shortness of the book makes the book feel like an appetizer instead of the main course and will leave readers wishing for more.

Burton Wray June 3, 2005


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