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  I Stole the Morning Sun
Artist: Andy Zipf 
Label: Mono Vs. Stereo 
Tracks/Time: 7 tracks

The  EMI supported indie label Mono Vs. Stereo drops some mood rock on us with I Stole the Morning Sun by Andy Zipf. 

I Stole the Morning Sun's mysterious, moody drama is played out to be a rocking 'n' rolling of themes. Themes including a silence being broken, lies and bad things said, staying by one's side, and little paths
that were followed. All set upon an almost dreamy setting, with floating guitars, a soaring song voice, and softer marching drum beats. Under girding true feeling; feeling of culture, past the post, moody, and seemingly drawing from U2, Delirious?, and the Newsboys (worshipping the Lord on their paper route). 

Do you need a dreamy, moody sound, with some culture, and life shown? Then go steal
morning sun with Andy Zipf. 

Len Nash 3/21/2004

*Disclaimer, please don't actually attempt to steal the morning sun, it'll burn right through.

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