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  They're Only Chasing Safety
Artist: Underoath 
Label: Tooth and Nail/Solid State 
Time: 10 tracks

Underoath does it again! For starters, they've changed genres; although not as drastic a change as in the past. The CD's is called: They're Only Chasing Safety, and now the genre is straight-up Emo Core. The band has moved from a previous sound of heavily synthesizer-led Emo Hardcore, and before that from extreme metal, to the synth Emo Hardcore of the day. They're Only Chasing Safety moves Underoath into a better position to compete against many mainstream artists, interestingly, just as they got accepted to play the prestigious Warped Tour.

They're Only Chasing Safety talks about how people try to "chase" safety, but only spin their wheels. People try to find comfort and, for the moment, are able to escape the pain. However, without doing anything differently, lasting comfort is elusive. Even though this CD is "emotic" in nature, Underoath still jams out, to rock it up with screams, cranked guitars, cranking music, and clean vocals.
It is aggressively emotional music. Underoath takes something people wouldn't normally desire to listen to, like combining emotional music and hardcore, and makes it into something interesting.

Underoath is an odd band; constantly changing sounds, but with each change still able to demonstrate their ability to rock out that particular genre.

Len Nash   8/29/2004


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