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The Valley of Dry Bones 
Artist: Trinity 
Label: Independent
Length: 10/42:28

Trinity is a throwback band, owing a lot of their sound to progressive 70’s rock in the vein of Kansas, ELP, or Greg X. Volz-era Petra.  There are also some straight ahead rock influences a la DeGarmo & Key.  The Valley of Dry Bones is a collaborative effort between Francisco Roman (guitar), Tony Cecere (bass and synthesizers), and Dan Bennett (drums and percussion).  All three sing and contribute songs to the album.

The opening track, “The Accuser,” is one of the better tracks.  Musically, it evokes Kansas’ “Closet Chronicles,” while confronting Satan head on:

And in my desperation
 And in my anguish too
 I did something that I never
 Thought I would do
 I called him by his common name 
 And brought him to his knees
 And with the power from Almighty God
 I made the devil flee.
“I Believe” is a paraphrased version of The Apostles’ Creed, and “I Am” is a picture of God, who He is and His role in the lives of His followers.  

Trinity strikes me as a band that played in churches and local coffeehouses and heard “You guys are pretty good, you should do a CD.”  And they are just that – pretty good.  They don’t quite have the chops of their influences, but this is not to say the album is without merit.  Rather, it should as a springboard to better things, not an example of where they hope to go.

Brian A. Smith
12 August 2004



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