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  Tunnel Rats
Artist:  Tunnel Rats
Label:  Uprok Records
Length:  20 Tracks, 61:50

Tunnel Rats have dropped their 3rd CD release and it is cause for rejoicing among rap and Hip Hop fans.  Familiar names in the genre New Breed, Raphi, Zane, Sev, and Dert have teamed with new members Propaganda, Foundation, Griffin, and Jamie to bring you an authentic, solid rap project.  _Tunnel Rats_ showcases a sincere desire to share the Gospel (and encourage the faith of others) in genuine way.  

"Let the Light Through" is a catchy exclamation of praise.  My favorite bit o’ lyrics is this little rhyme from the song “Born Again:”

Every eardrum and hand whether enemy or fan
Shall shake and shiver from the weight I deliver
On command from the giver of life, you heard it right
For the glory of the Lord I keep my rhyme tight
Amen Tunnel Rats.  Word.

Aside to Rap Groups & Labels.  PLEASE print your lyrics in your album art…even if they are teeny tiny I like to see what you have to say!

I need to tell those kids who drive in front of Wal*Mart with their stereos turned ALL the way up that this is a CD that will make them happy.  And it sounds great turned up and bumping LOUD.  

DJ Barry  9/15/2004 

DJ Barry hosts Soul Frequency (, a weekly FM and Internet free-form radio show showcasing progressive rock, instrumental rock, Christian rock, power-pop, Psychedelic rock, rock classics and more—great rock for the ages!



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