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  I'll Tell The World
Artist: Ever Stays Red
Label: Wrinkle Free Records 
Time: 11 Tracks/ 44:15 mins

What is in the water in Mesa, Arizona? Wrinkle Free Records along with Ken Mary has produced yet another exciting band. Ever Stays Red is the latest new name from Mesa and they look poised and ready to follow the success of their friends in Re:Zound. The bands' main stand in life is "to glorify God in all that we do."

The debut album I'll Tell the World shows the truth in what they preach. The songs have a great rock sound and are overflowing with a message of praise and worship. The similarity in the sound between Ever Stays Red and Re:Zound is uncanny, but understandable since Dustin Carlson and Erik Brunner are former members of Re:Zound. I'll Tell the World doesn't let up in it's assault to promote a positive message.

Ever Stays Red looks to be on the right path to success with "I'll Tell the World". In July they will be promoting their ministry as a part of Fuego and the Effect Radio Tour. They will be sharing the spotlight with bands like Salvador, Pivitplex, and Re:Zound. The only question left is; to be mainstream or not to be?

Eric Stephens



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