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  Living Sacrifice & Scott Albert project - Metamorphosis Remixes
Artists: Brainchild, Living Sacrifice, Circle of Dust
Label: Retroactive Records (
Time: 14 tracks

In the late '80s and early '90s, R.E.X. Records brought on an age of Christian hard-rock head bangers. R.E.X gave us great music that throbs and throws by bands like Six Feet Deep, Believer, Living Sacrifice, Circle of Dust, and Brainchild. Focusing on three projects--Brainchild, Circle of Dust, and Living Sacrifice--Scott Albert (now Klay Scott defied musical gravity by mixing industrial metal (Brainchild), death metal (Living Sacrifice), and industrial (Circle of Dust), and plopping it onto CD format. See, mixing industrial was rare at that time and mixing death metal was all but unfathomed before. Now flash forward, away from the fall of R.E.X. Records, to the year of 2004. This project, originally released around 1993, is still sought after as a pure classic for industrial and the mixing of hard music. Retroactive Records is peddling this classic once again as a rerelease. This is a historical release of a CD that was a "ground shaker" during it's previous life in 1993. A truly unique hard music release of years ago and something that was quite "pioneering" for its time.

Dig back into time and feel the throbbing and throwing of the harder side of music remixes, as well as previously unreleased tracks and a short history behind this "project."

"Everything we do matters." --Circle of Dust ("Daraq")

Len Nash 7/31/2001



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