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The Passion of the Christ: Songs of Inspiration
Artist: Various 
Label: Lost Keyword Records
Length: 12 Tracks / 51:10 

In February of this year, Mel Gibson's Icon Productions released the movie, The Passion of the Christ, which went on to become the most successful independent movie in history.  The movie is currently one of the top 10 highest grossing movies in US History.  As successful as the movie has been, it is not much of a a surprise that in addition to a soundtrack and a score, a CD was released of songs based on the movie. 

This is not a CD made up of music that was in the movie, this is a CD made up of songs based off the movie.  In cases like this, artists watch the movie and write a song based off a key theme or character or idea in the movie that spoke to them.  In this case, a diverse group of artists was used, ranging from country artists to Christian rock artists. 

One of the strengths of this project is in its diversity.  With a lineup that ranges from country to Christian rock to urban music, there is something here for just about everyone.  Almost everyone will find at least one or two songs that they enjoy.  Christian pop fans will enjoy the album's opening track, "I See Love" by MercyMe, Steven Curtis Chapman, and Third Day.  Country fans will enjoy "New Again" from Brad Paisley and Sara Evans. Rock fans will enjoy songs from POD and Big Dismal. Fans of Creed will be happy to hear Scott Stapp's first solo song, "Relearn Love." Some of the other artists include Kirk Franklin and Yolanda Adams, Charlotte Church, Lauryn Hill, Angie Stone and Bebe Winans, and Big Dismal.

Unfortunately, this project's greatest strength is also its greatest weakness.  Sure, almost everyone will find one or two songs that they enjoy but on the flip side most people will only like a few songs on this CD.  Very few people will listen regularly to this CD all the way through without hitting the skip button on their CD player.

Give this CD a listen and most likely you will find at least one or two gems that you will enjoy.

Burton Wray  10/3/2004

Track listing:
1. Third Day/SCC/MercyMe "I See Love"
2. Scott Stapp "Relearn Love"
3. P.O.D. "Truly Amazing"
4. Brad Paisley/Sara Evans "New Again"
5. Big Dismal "Rainy Day"
6. Lauryn Hill "The Passion"
7. Kirk Franklin fea. Yolanda Adams "How Many Lashes"
8. MxPx fea. Mark Hoppus "The Empire"
9. Charlotte Chruch "Finding My Own Way"
10. BeBe Winans/Angie Stone "Miracle of Love"
11. Dan Lavery "To Give Love"
12. Big Dismal "Reason I Live"

A bunch of big names are represented on here. As people will see above on the track listing there is plenty of big names to sell a good chunk of CDs. Lyrically this compilation centers around The Passion of the Christ, and they are songs that were inspired off of the movie. On the other hand the music is crisp, and well produced, but this compilation sounds like that label threw together something to sell during the time of the DVD release.

Not to Say the songs are weak, they are all solid, but at the same time they don't blow you away like the line-up suggests. The songs on here aren't exceptional, but the two that totally blows the other stuff out of the water (but are slower starters) are Charlotte Church's "Finding My Own Way" and Dan Lavery's "To Give Love." 

While this isn't a classic compilation it still is good. Check into a little bit of it if you'd like to support your favorite artist.

Len Nash  10/30/2004



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