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  The Limited Edition EP
Artist: Jessie Daniels 
Label: Indie
Length: 6/20:35

Well, this could be hope for the future.  In an era where most teenagers do their best to imitate Britney and Christina, Jessie Daniels has chosen another path.  Recently signed to a record deal with a South African based company, Daniels may be the one artist who gets played on Radio Disney that has real talent.

Equipped with a strong vocal range that emulates Amy Lee (Evanescence), and Rebecca St. James, Daniels belts out six tunes on her Limited Edition EP, which may soon be a collectors’ item.  “Find Myself” is a St. James ­ style song, while “Human Being” is much more intense, driving, guitar-laden track.

Daniels tries to rock out from time to time, but should not be pinned down to one style.  It would be easy to see her doing music ranging from No Doubt style pop to acoustic guitar introspection a la Jennifer Knapp.  Much like Jessica Simpson (but with more musical ability), Jessie Daniels could be an artist who gets her start in CCM, then becomes much more accessible to a wide audience.

Brian A. Smith   April 24, 2004


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