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  Worth Dying For 
Artist: John Cox 
Label: Independent

John Cox has been crafting some beautiful acoustic-based rock ever since his debut Sunny Day. His latest independent project Worth Dying For is no exception. It's ten tracks of the same sort of music that kept Sunny Day and 80 Years in constant rotation in my player. His website describes his sound as "Vertical Horizon meets Led Zeppelin." Throw in just a pinch of Bill Mallonee and you've got the basic idea.

While neither the four-panel cover insert nor the website had lyrics, John's voice is clear and cuts through the mix well. The title track reminds each listener of their personal worth to our Savior. Jesus not only loves ALL of us; He loves EACH of us.  "When you're taking on the world, just remember who you're fighting for Before you live another day, just remember you're worth dying for"

The most powerful track on the album is the closer, "Adam." This narrative follows the story of mankind, beginning with God sorrowing for the loss of His child, Adam. "Adam, don't run away, I just wanna walk with you in the cool of the day Adam, don't pass me by, I see the leaves that you wear, I see the tears in your eye"  God, bound by His own word, casts Adam and Eve from the garden, but the promise of redemption is made, and comes in the form of God's Son, Jesus:

Father, is there any other way, I just wanna walk with You in the cool of the day
Father, let Your will be done, I will carry this cross, that's the reason I've come.

Finally, because of that redemption, God speaks to His children again:

"Children, don't run away, I wanna walk with you in the cool of the day 
Children, don't pass me by, I see the trouble you're in, I see the tears in your eyes"
It's a powerful and moving song, and a great closer for a great album.

Josh Marihugh  2/12/2004


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