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  Carried Me ­ The Worship Project
Artist: Jeremy Camp 
Label: BEC Recordings

Jeremy Camp’s trademark Scott Stapp-meets-MacPowell vocal style is evident on Carried Me, the latest “worship” CD to emerge from the CCM grist mill.Of the thirteen songs here, Camp contributes five original songs (one of which was on a previous album of his), and covers eight of the usual songs that appear on this type of project.

Like most worship CDs, the experience of live worship is diminished since this is, after all, a recording, rather than a personal event.  A lot of the material becomes repetitive, and tends to blend together.  “You’re Worthy of My Praise” is the most distinctive track, taking a traditional chorus, and turning it into a rockfest.

Of the covers, “Enough,” written by Chris Tomlin, is the standout, but this should be more attributed to the songwriter than to Camp, as there is nothing that makes his better than any other version.

Carried Me falls into the good, but not great category.  Camp is a strong singer, and the guitar work here is pretty good as well, but there is not much here to make this disc rise above the ranks of the plethora of modern worship CDs.

Brian A. Smith
14 April 2004


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