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  Distant Future 
Artist: Heidi Talbot
Label: 2004 Compass Records 
Length: 11 tracks/44:37 minutes
Heidi Talbot is no stranger to Irish folk music.  She grew up in Kildare and by adolescence was singing her songs in nearby Dublin.  At sixteen, she was studying voice under Frank Merriman at the Bel Canto school.  In 2001, she joined The Whole Shabang, a Waterford-based band that would eventually give way to her present gig as lead vocalist with the world-renown Irish group “Cherish The Ladies.”
Her interpretations of traditional Irish songs, mixed with American folk, make Distant Future a compelling and haunting work of art.  At times, the music is light and airy (“Summer’s Gone”) and at other times it’s dark and foreboding (“Muddy Water”).  Talbot’s voice perfectly compliments the melody, whatever road it chooses to travel.  
Heidi Talbot is a fresh wind in folk music.  You will no doubt hear more of this young talent in the distant future.
Song list:
1.     In Silence I Go
2.     Jealousy
3.     Muddy Water
4.     I Dream Of You
5.     Geography
6.     High Germany
7.     Said To Me Sweetly
8.     Distant Future
9.     MacCrimmon’s Lament
10. Summer’s Gone
11. Your Favourite Star
Rick Chromey   February 26, 2004


Rick Chromey is professor of youth and family ministries at Kentucky Christian College in Grayson, KY.
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