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  Hearts Bleed Passion, Vol. 1
Artist: Various Artists
Label: Indie Vision Music
URL: <>
Time: 20 tracks

This is the fourth release for this young label (and first compilation). Listeners will hear well-known bands of the underground, bands known only in their local areas, and a few foreign bands. A unique element of this collection is its underground feel. However, it's not underground to state it's underground; it's some of the bands that have fought their way into musical status.

Perhaps a meaning behind the name for this compilation is the fact that these bands all play with passion, with it bleeding from their hearts. Talent abounds, as all of these bands share the common belief in Christ as their salvation. Some of these bands portray their faith in their music, while other bands have fun with their music that is played to a positive, fun-natured feel. This compilation CD definitely has variety, including bands from South Africa, Guatemala, Israel--and bands from all over the US of A, from ambient indie rock, to spirit-filled hardcore, all the way to gritty woman-fronted old school-ish punk. Because of the variety, many listeners will find at least one or more selections that they'll really enjoy; everyone should at least consider listening to this CD compilation.

Thank you, Indie Vision Music, for the good job on the design, the bands credits, and mixing up the sounds! Thanks, also, to Indie Vision Music for releasing this compilation cd, and hopefully some new bands will be "discovered."

The bands on Hearts Bleed Passion, Vol. 1 include Dismissed, Forgotten Arrival, Anthym, Pennylane, The Huntingtons, Josiah, Next In Line, Joey's Loss, Man Alive, Off The Record, Neshamah, Brave the Broadcast, Forever Changed, Linus, Cape Renewal, John Rocky Spirit, Chasing Victory, The Underdog Conspiracy, Daven, and Divebomber.

Len Nash  6/5/2004



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