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  Once Again 
Artist: Fusebox 
Label: Elevate / InPop 
Web site: 

Led by energetic and charismatic singer-bassist Billy Buchanan, worship-oriented Christian rock band Fusebox has just released a stellar second album called Once Again released on Elevate/InPop. 

Buchanan and his bandmates - guitarists Justin Mackey and Ben Rodriguez and drummer Guy Roberts-- ill immediately grab your attention with their mix of muscular beats, edgy guitar licks and prayerful lyrics. 

On the title track, Buchanan's soulful and powerful voice is framed by inspirational music and presses forward with a strong spiritual message. 

"Once again I looked upon the cross where you died / I'm humbled by your mercy and I'm broken inside" sings the worshipful Buchanan. 

"All For You" is reminiscent of some mid-90's alterna-rock but with better production. On this track, when Buchanan sings that he's given his heart over to Jesus, you definitely believe it. 

Some of the other songs remind me of some of the music popularized by post-_Pure and Simple_ Geoff Moore and the Distance. 

"Thank You" and "Look What You've Done" are impressive while their groovy cover of the Joe Cocker song "You Are So Beautiful" is just a pleasure, with its strings and Collective Soul-esque guitar sounds. 

"I'm Yours" is an uptempo song with Roberts keeping a solid beat. Mackey and Rodriguez's guitar work is particularly notable on this song. It reminded me a little bit of some of the Brit-flavored shoegazer guitar work I remember listening to in high school. But what is different is that here you can actually hear the words. 

I'd have to say Fusebox ranks up there with seasoned praise and worship rock bands like Salvador and SonicFlood. This is a band I'd certainly keep an eye on. 

For more information visit their web site at

Andrew West Griffin  06/14/04 



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