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  Will You Be There
Artist: Front Seat Failure
Label: Independent -no label
Length: 12 tracks/ 42:10 minutes
Hailing from Buffalo, NY, Front Seat Failure pumps out an ear catching, crisp, danceable rock/punk sound. Isaac Chapam's beat perfect drumming creates a solid base for lots of guitar riffs and catchy hooks.  What really sets this band apart is FSF's lyrical approach. Clever, yes, but simple, true and to the point. Like these from opener "Used To Be'":

'This city's painted with concrete and I could walk down any street, but only one would bring me home/I've come to find as I press on, the emptiness is all but gone, as walking off the days when I was alone.'

Much more to their lyrics than first meets the ear. Other favorites include "Explanation Please" and the title track.  You may wonder what the name, Front Seat Failure, is all about. Well, the band tried to resolve issues with a previous band member by leaving a letter on the front seat of his car. The reaction to the letter was anything but good and the band vowed never to deal with a band conflict in that way again. FSF is a band with a mission: to play their music to the best of their abilities in order to glorify God. Mission accomplished.
Bob Felberg 7/12/2004


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