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Artist: George Foreman/Various
Label:  Trauma Re
cords/Warner Special Products
Length:  2 CDs: CD 1-11 Tracks/46:28, CD 2-11 Tracks/50:52
George Foreman has released a new CD project!

Yes, THAT George Foreman—you know, former heavyweight champion of the world, worthy opponent to Muhammad Ali, and seller of George Foreman grills in every Wal*Mart in the world.  I have been meaning to pick one of those up for the longest time.

But beneath the awards, the legend of sport’s glories past, the glittering trophies, and the product endorsements is the real George Foreman, an ordained minister of the Gospel.  I remember reading an article years ago about Foreman and his relationship with Muhammad Ali.  The article focused on the relationship between the two, and the gentle cajoling one would give the other about their faith.  Forman had a burden to share his faith and the Good News of Jesus with Ali, and of course his former boxing opponent did the same.  I came away from the article with a healthy respect for this man.  I had forgotten about this article and the encouragement I received from Foreman until I received this CD for review.

Inspirations is a double CD package for fans of inspirational, choral, orchestral, operatic, and Gospel music genres.  The first CD features several inspirational spoken word messages and testimonies from George set to majestic instrumental backing featuring stellar work from the Vienna Festival Symphony.  Also featured on the first disc are musical contributions from the Vienna Boys Choir, Ramon Vargas (tenor), Sathya Bartko (soprano), and Domino Blue (mezzo soprano).  The disc features powerful vocal and orchestral performances laced with declarations of God’s Glory from the champ.  Disc one is reminiscent of a inspirational cantata performance.  Highlights include “I Gave Him My Life,” “It Was Jesus Who Died for Me,” and “Jesus I will Sing for You.”

The second disc is a collection of Foreman’s favorite Gospel and inspirational classics and standards.  Featured performers and songs include The Edwin Hawkins Singers with “Oh Happy Day,” Yolanda Adams singing “Thank You,” Jim Nabors proclaiming “The Lord’s Prayer,” Michael Crawford mounts up “On Eagle’s Wings,” and the Queen of Soul herself—Aretha Franklin belts out the classic “You’ll Never Walk Alone.”

Inspirations is exactly what the title implies—a collection of inspirational music and messages from the heart of George Foreman that will please and stir fans of the types of music represented.

Barry Nothstine

Barry Nothstine hosts Soul Frequency (, a weekly FM and Internet radio show showcasing progressive rock, instrumental rock, Christian rock, power-pop, Psychedelic rock, rock classics and more—great rock for the ages!



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