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  Everyone Is Here 
Artist: The Finn Brothers 
Label: Nettwerk Records 
Length: 12 tracks

Teaser :Stocki reviews the new album by the brothers Finn who were of course the songwriting force behind Crowded House's masterpiece it really a  belated follow up? is it any good?... 

There were two good reasons for this family reunion. Since the brothers Finn peaked as co-writers of an album of classic pop tunes on Crowded House’s Woodface album they have been slowly declining as commercial forces ­ six years in a leaky boat if you  excuse the pun. The other reason is that though these brothers have their fair share of sibling tiffs they always find each other and often with startling results. Everyone Is Here is less angular and artificial than their last collaboration, Finn, and has to give Parlophone the feeling that if they exploit it well enough it could be as close to the epic Woodface as they could hope for. It has that trademark Finn brothers sound; roughened up, but not too much, Everly Brothers harmonies, added Paul McCartney pop accessibility of the Beatles and washed all over with jangly guitars. 

Underneath that sound, made more organic and mature to suit the grey haired pastoral cover, there are mature ruminations about older things. The Libertines and the like can sing about how drugs and youthful excesses can tear us apart but if you want real wisdom as opposed to fashionable tabloid sound bites, then these guys have been around awhile and worked out what it is all about. The lead single "Won’t Give In" is about the kind of commitment that marriage, family and friendship are all about. Nothing fancy or exotic; just what it means to love with stickability! It is an utter gem. Slowly, but very, very surely, it creeps into your soul and it will give you all you need to sustain you in whatever tragedy or struggle or drudgery what any troubled day might hold. It has a quiet defiance that will give you courage and hope. "Edible Flowers" is about that very ageing process and how to start deciphering between trash and treasure. "All The Colours" deals with the death of the boys’ mother and the album overall has a sense of coming home, being drawn to family, to lasting things, to enjoying the times when “everyone I love is here.”

It is up and fresh and though it has similarities to the ever-to-haunt them Woodface it is far from the belated follow up that much of the publicity hails it. Mind you, if you are only going to own two albums that feature either Finn, then it and this are they. 
Steve Stockman 9/16/2004

Steve Stockman is the Presbyterian Chaplain at Queens University, Belfast, Ireland, where he lives in community with 88 students. He has just finished a book on U2, Walk On; The Spiritual Journey of U2, is the poetic half of Stevenson and Samuel who have just released their debut album Gracenotes, and he has a weekly radio show on BBC Radio Ulster (listen anytime of day or night @ He has his own web page--Rhythms of Redemption at He also tries to spend some time with his wife Janice and daughters Caitlin and Jasmine. 




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