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Artist: Fell Desire 
Label: Out of the Box Recordings
Length: 15/54:40

Fell Desire is a band that combines the past with present.  Joe Albanese’s vocals cannot be pinned down to one style, mixing blues, rock, as well as '70’s influences and more modern sounds.  Sometimes it works really well, at other times the music is of higher quality than the singing.

“Love,” the title track, has a strange transition in the middle of the song, but in a way that befits the vocals, which range from a nasal Elvis Costello style (as does “Always”) to a breathy Jim Morrison-like sound.  The trading of vocal leads in “A Toast” between Joe and Cat Albanese works very, very well, and may be the best of any on the CD.

“Everything I Know” could be a David Lowery (Cracker) outtake, while “Wonderful” starts out in the area of Ty Tabor (King’s X), then careens into a David Bowie vibe.  In a way, Albanese reminds me of Steve Taylor, in that his strength seems to be not  having a signature style, but rather just going in the direction the music takes him.

“Forgetful Seas” is the most quotable of the tracks, with compelling lyrics like “Lord, I want you to kill me without hurting me,” an emotion most Christians have experienced.  “Dwell” just flat out rocks, and is the best example of musicianship here.

Born out of the ashes of bands 4 Living Creatures and Elder, Fell Desire shows a glimmer of what may be to come.  With a little more progression and cohesion, the potential is there for this to become a great band.  Love shows a lot of promise, but doesn’t quite rise to the level one would hope
for as a unit.

Brian A. Smith
21 November 2004



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