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  The Silent Night
Artist: Friction Bailey
Label: Independent
10 tracks / 36:08
Ah, Christmas. That time of year when everyone seems to truly love one another, when the warmth and smell of baked food lures people from the cold streets inside homes, and when our normal music programming is temporarily taken over by songs we all know by heart.  My wife and I actually listen to Christmas music year-round.  And why not?  They are timeless songs that transmit a joy that is missing from today's mainstream.
Friction Bailey obviously share this sentiment or they wouldn't have self-produced a Christmas album and released it in the summertime.  _The Silent Night_ is a passionate display of several well-known Christmas classics as well as one original "Christ the Child King."  The husband and wife duo Steve and Joy Guiles share vocal and instrumental credits including acoustic guitars, bass, dulcimer, piano, and more.  The guitar work is most impressive as evidenced on instrumental track "Deck the Halls/Drummer Boy".  The vocals capture the innocence and sweetness of the holiday perfectly (especially when they harmonize together). 
The songs are performed with heart and soul though at times, I found myself wanting to speed up the tempo.  I realize that everyone has their own style and tastes differ which is why there are so many Christmas albums out there. Fans of slow acoustic music that read books and sip coffee will not be let down by this release. 
So, put on your Christmas socks, get some egg nog, and buy the latest from Friction Bailey.  And if somebody asks you why you're listening to this in October, just tell them what my wife and I say - Christmas is everyday.  
Levi Stofer   10/12/2004



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