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  Through Your Eyes
Artist: Forgotten Arrival
Label: Indie Vision Music
Time: 11 tracks

The owner of Indie Vision Music is always hard at work, first off he created an on-line distribution that flourished and then a few years after starting the distro he decided to launch a record label under the same name, the first release was Dismissed's Taking the Good with the Bad, which was a perfect starter and a great indie rock band, the next release was Next in Line's  Traffic, and provided a heavyweight with seven years of experience as a band and a well rounded indie rock sound with that certain mix of music. Finally the third release.  A young band under the name of  Forgotten Arrival and the album that was released is Through Your Eyes

Forgotten Arrival is a band that most on probably haven't heard all that much about. They're young (with all the band members under 18, except for the lead vocalist) and sound amazingly tight. Lets just say that most bands that are this young will not sound this solid.  To tell you all the truth, the first time I heard these guys, well I thought that they were at the very least twenty. To my surprise, I later on found out that they were pretty much all teens.

Musically, think Finch, add it to New Found Glory, and smooth it out with Noise Ratchet--then you will be close, yet not really--they add a little bit more of a raw sound and an indie structuring. Their passion for music combined with an undying faith in God makes it all very interesting. Lyrically this band touches upon death, pain, scene politics, worship, and a faith factor that's woven inside and out of their music. Check this band out--a young band that's on the rise.

Len Nash  12/3/2003


Some people say youth is wasted on the young, and maybe in some cases, that is true, but it is certainly not the case with Forgotten Arrival. Here we have a band still in -- or just out of -- its teens, and man, is this band full on! Through Your Eyes is an album full of youthful passion. In fact, it's so full it pours from the speakers in a sonic tidal wave, and it's all about leaving nothing in its wake. This album kicks off with the astounding "Unveil," the greatest among many great songs. Musically, Forgotten Arrival reminds me of the U.K. band Lostprophets, mixed with a large dose of MxPx and as much screamo as you want (Hey, don't knock it, screamo is a beautiful thing!!). Admittedly it did take me a few listens to get to grips with this album, since it's a grower, and in my book, that's a good thing. The drummer is AWESOME and certainly seems to be the powerhouse driving this band forward. Long live rock, and long live Forgotten Arrival!

Mark Reid   January 17, 2004

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