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April 2004 Pick of the Month

Artist: Falling Up
Label: BEC Recordings
Time: 12 tracks

This record is just a great, fun, modern rock CD made by a young band. Great vocals, guitars, bass, and drums, with some great dubbing that's hardly noticed but adds additional effect and expression. Sprinkled influences to the music could be Linkin Park, and 12Stones.

Speaking of sprinkles, Falling Up benefits from the clean production work of Aaron Sprinkle. Of course, being backed by BEC Recordings ,a subsidiary of Tooth and Nail Records, doesn't hurt in the publicity and marketing game. Add those two non-hurtful things to touring with Kutless on Kutless's "Sea of Faces" tour while breaking Kutless's record for opening sales on a debut CD. One can certainly expect a good future for Falling Up. Do yourself a favor and check out Crashings, a collage of life in relationship with the Lord Jesus. The CD reveals Falling Up as devoted young Christian hearts expressing a desire to be closer to the love of Christ throughout life.

Len Nash 3/29/2004


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