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  The Exodus
Artist:  Various
Label:  Dream Enabler Records
Length:  11 Tracks, 47:31

In the over-populated genre of praise worship music it takes a LOT to stand out.  The Exodus, an independent worship project featuring Benny Mao and Leonard Chen does not have much musically or lyrically that makes it stand out from the pack, except for a warm, organic production and sound.  Many worship projects today are sonically perfect, glossy, and tight-but they seem to lack the warmth that comes from a “less is more” approach.   The appeal of this project is you will not recognize the singers or hear factory perfect production, but you will enjoy the heartfelt praise contained in a nice package.  Another plus is the songs are original and not a compilation of rehashed and reworked praise choruses.  If you are searching for something a little different and a less polished in the worship genre, check out The Exodus.  

Visit their web site here for more information and sound samples:

DJ Barry

DJ Barry hosts Soul Frequency (, a weekly FM and Internet radio show showcasing progressive rock, instrumental rock, Christian rock, power-pop, Psychedelic rock, rock classics and more­great rock for the ages!



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