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  Exit East
Artist: Exit East
Label: Fervent Records
Time: 11 tracks/39.3 minutes

Reading that Fervent Records a label that has signed popular Christian artists such as BarlowGirl and By the Tree had just added Exit East to their list, I knew Christian music was in for a treat, but I never imagined something this flavorful. 

The producer of the CD, Otto Price, is right on when describing Exit East as “not your average guy band, with a unique sound and a timeless quality.” Exit East, an Atlanta-based pop/rock band, has played worship music together since 1999 and their self-titled debut album is more than complementary of their music capabilities.  The 12-track record includes a variety of songs that are full of musical talent and are easy to sing along with.  Through catchy melodies and lyrics, Exit East successfully adds tasteful rock to worshiping God. 

Upon listening to the CD, it’s nearly impossible to overlook the amazing vocal performance.  It’s as if the band took the unique sounds of David Crowder and the strong vocals of Jeremy Camp, slammed them together, twisted in some of their own flavors and came out with a beautiful and overall amazing sound.  If that description doesn’t make sense, I have also heard comparisons to mainstream artists like Matchbox 20 and Train.  However, neither comparison will give you a full picture of their music; that’s why you must go buy the CD.  If you aren’t one to purchase albums on impulse, you can visit their website at, listen to the songs and decide for yourself. 

Jason Foust, the lead singer, states: “Our passions are simply making great, intelligent music that is well-crafted and approachable, while carrying the truth of the grace of God in every minute of our lives…in good or bad.”  In every one of the 39.3 minutes of the album, this passion comes alive in lyrics and sound.  If you’re looking for a new addition to your worship collection, or even a start to a worship collection, Exit East is a solid investment. 

Sarah Verno, 10/31/04



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