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  One of Many Goodbyes 
Artist: Eve’s Drop 
Label: Hapi Skratch Records 
Length: 12 Tracks (52 minutes)

In almost every description of Eve’s Drop there is a mention of Concrete Blonde. While at first it is a compliment to be compared to those rock forefathers who inspired you, it soon becomes questionable to whether you are attempting to salute them or copy them. One of Many Goodbyes is a decent collection of originals from Eve’s Drop leader Mike Lopez. The only problem is trying to distinguish when he is being Mike Lopez and when he is trying to mimic the Blonde’s Napolitano/Mankey partnership.

One of Many Goodbyes combines strong female vocals with dirty guitar solos to create a sound that is all too rare today. Singer Kristi Stice and Lopez explore darker harmonies throughout out the majority of the original tracks. Their best work is the opening track “Lovers in a Million Places,” an attractive guitar-pop song that would fit in on most college radio play lists. The rest of the disc feels like is set on cruise control but really starts to heat up again on the live songs towards the end. Unfortunately, all the live cuts are Concrete Blonde covers. If only Eve’s Drop could bring this fun and intensity to the rest of the album.

Shawn Dickinson  4/5/2004


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