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  The Exploration EP
Artist: DJ DNA 
Label: Audio Art Records 
Time: 8 tracks
New kids on the record label block join forces with the old DJ man. Audio Art Records and DJ DNA announce The Exploration EP. DJ DNA started making music in 1989. He has performed with KRS ONE, LA Symphony, and many more so DJ DNA has been there, done that, as some may say. With this being release number one for Audio Art Records. DJ DNA flexes his DJ-ing muscles. His abilities are amazing. Creating moods, scratching, and creating beats make The Exploration EP a great "classical” album for the hip-hop and break ekectronic markets. DJ DNA captures a feeling of exploration that is nice, danceable, rap-able, capable, and understandable. Expect to be taken on a ride that a person may have never taken on before. DJ DNA shows why his creating, scratching, and beats are strong with this electronic break music that is done quite well.
Len Nash   2/29/2004


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