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  The Dimes (EP)
Artist: The Dimes
Label: Independent
Time: 6 tracks/22:54

There are not a lot of positive, much less Christian, vibes coming out of this album. The lyrics are dark, angst-ridden, and powerful, betraying a certain distrust of relationships--as the final track "Numb" proclaims, "I am numb to the world." "Stranger in My Bed" describes the agony of realizing a loved one is having an affair, and "Oxygen" shows a distrust of any revealed truth: "And this time isn't anything that's ever been before, a book alone won't guide you through in your search for truth."

But having said that, the music is played well and the vocal work is handled very well. Lead singer Johnny Clay has a pure tone to his voice that he can kick into overdrive for an anguished effect. The music ranges from full-on modern rock ("Stranger In My Bed") to hints of Chris Isaak-like country rock ("Douglas In a Spacesuit"). The production is excellent--the guitar sounds are clean, the bass and drums fit the mix well, and there are neat little flourishes of trumpet and other percussion. The album comes off as being a well-polished statement of questions, fears, and doubts--and you know, that's not necessarily a bad thing.

Alex Klages 7/13/2004



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