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  Summer of Darkness
Artist: Demon Hunter 
Label: Solid State Records 
Time: 13 tracks

Demon Hunter has a darker touch promotional push behind the new CD, Summer of Darkness. Including an e-card with the "keep a person awake" type appeal, then a report that the booklet to be included with the new CD would be a nice fatty at 28 pages; nice! Not to mention the CD pop it in, and it isn't as good as their llast one; it's better! The intensity is cranked, the melodies well placed, the variation is upped between melodic, heavy, more mainstream appeal, and definite underground crunch. Following up Self-Titled must've been tough, but the blood and sweat can be felt on this sophomore release. Summer of Darkness packs emotion and themes to the brim; the lyrics point to life, and there are darker themes, death of ones' senses, and more. Going back to the 28 pages and darkness, there are pictures of grimy men slamming a sledgehammer, holding a slightly bloodied and used rope, pulling a coffin out of a hearse. The lyrics pages are solid too, many times with the songs one per page. 

Demon Hunter fans old and new, pick this up. This release definitely steps up with a fuller sounding and harder music.

Len Nash (5/26/04)

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