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  Something For Everyone
Artists: Dennis Garner & One Accord (Rodney Foxx, Edward Garner, Clifton Graves, Tracy Alan Haith, Paul Hunter and Lemuel Shoffner
Label: Erisann/Showerdown Production (2004)
Length: 8 tracks
Running Length: 45 minutes 

There is a great deal of talent in Dennis Garner’s group “On Accord,” on this 8-track debut CD. Dennis Garner or Rev. Rodney Foxx are lead singers, so it would be helpful to indicate who the lead vocalist is on a particular selection. The group blends well and is observant of entrances and ending phrases.

Three pieces stand out. “Love Your Wife” expresses to men to love their wives “…as He loved the church.”  A beautiful sentiment and one not often expressed that way in contemporary music. “Thank You” has the group executing entrances and exits so punctual you could set your watch by them. “Until The Lord Says, ‘Yes,’” should have started the CD instead of ending it. The rhythmic intensity is appealing. 

On  “Get My Praise On” and  “What a Fellowship,” I could not hear all the lyrics. When someone includes a song about loving their wife, I want to listen to all selections on the CD and be able to hear every word. Also, the accompaniment for the selections could be fuller to bolster the singers. There are times, such as with “One of These Days,” when the selection begins to sound hollow, despite the pleasing melodic flow.

Dennis Garner & One Accord certainly shows promise in _Something For Everyone_.  In future albums, it would also be helpful to know the author(s) of the songs. 
Copyright 2004 Marie Asner
Submitted 9/26/04



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