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  I Think of Home
Artist: Dan Cunningham 
Label: Independent
Length: 18/53:08

Dan Cunningham is an impressive guitarist who isn’t afraid to explore different styles ­ or mix them up.   _Think of Home_ ranges from Appalachian jazz styles (“Take Your Time”) to country/Latin (“Beach Song”) to '60’s protest songs (“The Wind is Up”).  The title track sounds almost Celtic.“Porch Blues” is exactly that ­ blues with a view from the back porch in the South.

Like many guitarists (Eric Clapton, Mark Knopfler), Cunningham is at his best when playing rather than singing, but his vocals do not detract from the music contained here.  The best of these is probably “So Glad” or “A Quiet Walk,” a Spanish-influenced tune.  Good background music on a slow day.

Brian A. Smith
24 April 2004


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