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The Lime CD
Artist: David Crowder Band
Label: EMI
Length: 8/41:56

The David Crowder Band is the current flavor of the month in “modern worship” bands.  Capitalizing on the recent wave of popularity created by Illuminate, they have mined the archives and produced The Lime CD, a compilation of two unreleased EPs.  Eight songs are here ­ some demos, some live tracks.

Like most praise and worship bands, most of the material here is not original.  The David Ruis song, “Every Move I Make,” seemingly on every worship CD in the last two years, is present here as well, but Crowder manages to give it a new spin, making it his own.  “Heaven Came Down” is rearranged and sounds nothing like its predecessor, other than lyrics.

Despite the nature of worship CDs ­ repetition ad nauseum, and the lack of new songs, The DCB somehow is a level above most of the music in this genre. It is probably due to the quality of the band’s musicianship, or possibly due to the oddity that is Crowder’s voice.  “You Alone” is transcendent in this regard, rising to a height other worship bands dream of.

As always, this is a band better seen live than heard on CD.  But The Lime CD comes closer to making this work than most.

Brian A. Smith  April 24, 2004


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