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Veil of Gossamer
Artist: Dave Bainbridge
Label: Open Sky Records
Tracks: 16/ 64:29

The other day I was out walking just before a large thunder storm passed through the area, the thing that struck me the most was the awesome beauty of the skies. The sun was shining brightly in the sky but was counterpointed by the various clouds that were coming into the area, some light and fluffy, others ominously dark and in the distance the low rumbling of thunder. I thought of the brilliance of the master artist who was painting this real life masterpiece in the skies. My thoughts then turned to a sonic masterpiece that I had just finished listening to, Veil of Gossamer the solo project by Dave Bainbridge the master artist behind the band Iona.

From the artwork on the cover and its accompanying story to the idea behind the album and finally to the music itself this album is a thing of wonder and beauty, a sonic joy to behold. The album idea by the way is based on an event in the life of Saint Cuthbert. Joined by fellow members of Iona, past and present, as well as some special guests, young Mr. Bainbridge has given us what is in my humble opinion one of the best albums ever to be recorded. I do not say that idly either, this is a very special collection of music that grows with each and every listen. I find myself going back to it multiple times during the course of a day. Some of the lyrics contained within this project are nothing short of brilliant. From "The Everlasting Hills" we hear: "As Thou wast before at my life's beginning, Be Thou so again at my journey's end, As Thou wast besides at my souls shaping Father Be thou too at my journey's close". Or from "Star Filled Skies" where we hear this plea,"Be with me at each time. Lying down and arising, be with me in sleep companioned by dear ones. And allure me home to the land of the saints".

If some of the so called worship and praise crap coming out of Nashville these days were this good I wouldn't be so critical of it.

On top of this all is some of the best music that Bainbridge has ever written. I am a huge fan of the band Iona, they are one of my all time favorite groups, but this blows anything that they have done in the past right out of the water. If this is the caliber of the material that we can expect on their next recording then I say bring it on!!! By the way the majority of the vocals on this album are sung in Gaelic, which in my mind only adds to the sheer beauty of the whole project. If you are a lover of good music then you must add this album to your collection. If you are somehow unfamiliar with the music of Dave Bainbridge or Iona then this is a perfect way to start your introduction. You can check out this and other related albums by going to 

Chris MacIntosh aka Grandfather Rock  8/22/2004



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