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  Between Walls 
Artist: Cymbolic 
Label: Independent
Length: 12/54:41

Dreamy, ethereal, whispery…these are a few of the words that came to mind when I listened to Between Walls.  Cymbolic’s album recalls the music of my youth – New Order, Love and Rockets, and every John Hughes movie soundtrack.  The songs blend together in a manner that makes you almost miss the breaks between them.  

Lead vocalist Joel Jupp sees some troubled people in his path.  “Firefly” shows an empathy for hurting souls, repeating “I know how you feel” throughout.  “All You Do” depicts someone slipping away from themselves, in haze of drugs and drink.  “White Surrender” pleads for a way out of the world’s rebellion, while “Autumn Sun” seemingly answers that plea with comfort from Heaven.  

 There are some complex issues when living in the world, and trying not to be consumed by it.  Cymbolic does an amazingly good job of portraying the pain without becoming cynical or numb, and looking for the hope that would lead people to a better way.  Definitely a sleeper for the most underappreciated album of 2004.

 Brian A. Smith
8 August 2004



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