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  Angel’s Guise
Artist: Creamy Velour 
Label: Klank Records
Length: 12/54:14

Creamy Velour?  Without discussing the merits of Angel’s Guise, they easily get my vote for strangest band name of the year to date.  The CD, though, lives up to the hype.  Jon Witteveen’s vocals are complimented well by his bandmates, who clearly have done their homework in the adult alternative music scene of the last fifteen years.  “To Love Like You” is a Wallflowers meets Coldplay tune.

“Sha La La” could have been at outtake from U2’s “All That You Can’t Leave Behind.”  “Xenophobe” and “Hearsay” combine Colplay-style keyboards with Radiohead fuzz, mixed with Michael Hutchence (INXS) singing.  “Last Bastion” mixes in a country vibe, just to make sure you are still paying attention.

Angel’s Guise is a record that I will be coming back to, a pleasure to listen to, and a great find among the unknown independent bands trying to make a name for themselves.  I hope to hear their next output, hopefully under a new band name. ;)

Brian A. Smith
24 April 2004


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