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  Circles (EP)
Artist: Celestial Static 
Label: Independent
Length: 3/11:11

Celestial Static, a three piece band from Aurora, Illinois, continues to improve on their CD single “Circles,”  Julie Elzerman’s lead vocals are in the range between No Doubt, Veruca Salt, The Primitives, and '90’s alt rockers The Breeders.  Her guitar work is much fuller here than on their debut project.  In fact, the entire band (Jeremy Elzerman – bass; Jason Morris – drums) is much tighter.  It is obvious they have applied themselves wholeheartedly to their craft in the last two years.

“Circles” has a Pixies/Smashing Pumpkins feel to it at times, while “Forget This” has a Breeders sound.  “My Last Fuse” gives us more of the same.  Celestial Static offers hope for those looking for a young band not infused with the current nu metal/hardcore/hip hop trends that currently rule music.

Brian A. Smith
12 August 2004



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