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  Criminal Soundtrack 
Composer: Alex Wurman
Artists: Rob Jost, Abe Speller, Teddy Kumpel, Andy Georges, DJ Hodgy, Clifford Brown/Max Roach Quintet, Medeski Martin & Wood and The Oscar Peterson Trio with Clark Terry
Milan M2-36092 (2004)
15 tracks
Running Length: 45 minutes
The motion picture, Criminal, starring John C. Reilly (Chicago), Diego Luna (Y tu mama' tambie'n) and Maggie Gyllenhaal (Secretary) has more than a passing resemblance to Nine Queens.  Both films deal with con artists in master scams that concern valuable merchandise. In Criminal, one must be fleet of mind to catch what is going on and the characters are intriguing.  
The soundtrack for Criminal provides the background for the con artists to do their work. As such, composer Alex Wurman has written eleven selections with deep-inside blues, a slightly dangerous mood and throbbing guitar.   Alex Wurman really has a handle on the mood for Criminal.  "Casino," which begins and ends the CD, has a blues beat that captures the idea of let's-go-and-get-um. Bass guitar and percussion build in intensity as though someone is on the move. "Book Worm" features good acoustic guitar, keyboards and percussion, while "Briefcase" has energetic percussion and record scratching. 
"Darn That Dream" by The Clifford Brown/Max Roach Quintet has a dream tenor saxophone and for this film, a lounge-music texture. "Roundalay" by The Oscar Peterson Trio with Clark Terry is sublime. "Jelly Bean" by Medeski Martin & Wood has wonderful percussion and keyboards, but their "Dracula" seems out of place on this soundtrack.
Altogether, this soundtrack provides a blues and jazz mood that highlights the film and is easy listening off the screen.
Copyright 2004 Marie Asner
Submitted 10/3/04



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