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Artist: The Awkward Romance
Label: Day Job Records
Time: 12 tracks/48:48 min.

Unique. That's the first word that comes to my mind when I hear Covington, a new album by The Awkward Romance. When I saw that the band was a local group from Georgia, I wasn't expecting to be as completely taken aback by its musical talent like I was.

The Awkward Romance can't be labeled in one specific music genre because the band covers a number of elements from a variety of music. It is said that they "artfully bring together the clever song crafting of indie rock, the melodic sensibilities of pop-rock, the energy of pop-punk, and the passion of screamo." Maybe it's the unique blend of distinct vocals and raspy screaming or the great guitar licks and catchy tunes that make Covington so unique. Whatever it is, I can't get enough of it.

At first, the vocals seem to be slightly weak for such strong guitar and instrumental parts, but I soon found them fitting for the music. The distinct vocal performance is what puts passion behind each word of the poetic lyrics. Apparently, every member of the band plays a role in writing the lyrics and music--there is no primary songwriter. A major theme throughout the album is the issue of selling out to society and giving into the greedy ambitions and everyday patters of the world. The profound but simple lyrics make the music more than just catchy melodies and appealing guitar rifts. For example, in the song "Arcade Parade," one of the lines says "We've all the fashion money can buy just no passion to coincide." A simplified concept such as this one allows people like myself (who are very slow at times) to really think about and understand deeper ideas.

Covington is different but not so out there it can't be enjoyed--that's what I like about this album. I read that The Awkward Romance released a full length CD and played over 50 shows all in its first six months. This doesn't surprise me at all, and I won't be surprised if The Awkward Romance makes it big in the upcoming years. Passionate lyrics, catchy melodies and charismatic vocals--a great start to a well-anticipated future.

Sarah Verno  6/19/2004



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