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  The Fires of Life
Artist: Cool Hand Luke
Label: Floodgate Records
Time: 11 tracks

The poetic beauty that makes a person think. Piano accented melodic rock, beauty abounds. Honesty. Add that to a sort of hidden gothic backdrop, and the lyrics shine with a truly Christ-centered upbringing and an admittance of one's life. The Fires of Life takes a person on a journey down different halls of beauty, of inner-faith and outer-faith and is very thought provoking. This CD and the lyrics are to be understood and relayed across the band's life with others. This does, in a way, derive from Wake Up O Sleeper but is a whole lot better and should not be compared to any other effort. The pianos, acoustics, rock, and beauty makes it sincere and brings a feeling of happiness to the picture. True, a must have CD for ANYONE to settle back, to listen, then think, then talk/relay, or just to live it.

Is this CD a classic? Most likely! I'd give it more then 5 tocks, but that's the top rating!

Len Nash 7/12/2004

I wasnít too impressed with Wake Up O Sleeper, Cool Hand Lukeís debut, to be honest. However, new album The Fires of Life is a different proposition altogether. The lyrics continue to be mature and sophisticated, evidencing great thought into their conception but it is in the music, the melodies and the presentation that Cool Hand Luke shows the biggest transformation.

From the moment, the gorgeous Skydive with its evocative picture of surrender and release, enters into your consciousness, thereís no doubting that Cool Hand Luke possesses the potential to touch hearts and minds with its brand of progressive emotional pop.

The rest of The Fires of Life maintains this momentum effortlessly with the throbbing "Rats in the Cellar," the moving "Cinematic," and the evocative "Iím Not Ready" amongst a stream of vigorous, passionate and heartfelt songs. One of the finer examples of God-centric rock in 2004.
Kevin Mathews 
September 6, 2004



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