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  Falling In
Artist: Andrew Carlton 
Label: Flying Leap Records
Length: 10 tracks/37:30 min

Perhaps the most distinctive attribute Carlton possesses is his soulful voice, which conveys passion powerfully and with conviction. Which certainly helps when you're trying to communicate faith in God to a godless world. Tracks like the anthemic title track, the heartfelt "This is Faith," the strident "I Believe," and the Latin-flavored "Shaken" develops this theme effectively even if the sophisticated AOR approach tends to take off a little bit of edge to these concepts. Okay, so I'm nit-picking that musically Falling In is so safe and pre-fabricated that it will take a minor miracle for it to stand out in the
crowd of pop dross currently out there.

On the positive note, there is still the factor of Carlton's excellent vocal ability and I suppose that will count for something.

Kevin Mathews
May 23, 2004


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