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Artist: Behold Zoe  
Label: Anaphora Records
Time: 9 tracks / 30:13 minutes

Behold Zoe is the latest project from Eric Shanburn.  No reference is made to the album title,  Roquentin in the lyrics of the release, but a web search reveals a small hint at what it could be as most references point to the name of a writer, Antoine Roquentin, who is ‘disgusted at his own existence.’  Behold Zoe’s promotional material claims it’s style as ‘Melancholy Rock,’ so perhaps this reference to Roquentin is metaphoric in some way.

Behold Zoe claims comparison to Pedro the Lion, Nick Drake, The Eels, Damien Rice, Elliott Smith, Coldplay, and Poor Old Lu.  A comparison to the Cowboy Junkies’ “The Trinity Sessions” seems appropriate as well.

 Overall, the mood of the disc does fit the Melancholoy Rock description laid alleged in the promotional material.  There is a gauzy, opacity to the music that begs someone to come along and clear off the window so the music and message can escape.

The instrumentation is sparse, consisting of acoustic guitars, electric piano, and subdued drums and bass.  Track 6 is unique with a more happy sound, with a simple and clean electric guitar; almost as a beacon shining through the mist of the album.  On the whole, vocals are often buried in the mix, forcing the listener to strain to hear the words.  This seems intentional on this disc, adding to the downhearted mood.

Lyrics to this disc can be found at along with photos, purchase, contact and booking information.

Scott Lake  November 16, 2004


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