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  Don’t Go Away 
artist: Jeremiah Bowser Band 
Label: Indy 
Length: 10 tracks/ 47:26 min. 

Don’t Go Away is a surprisingly fresh-sounding worship CD from the Jeremiah Bowser Band – at least half of it anyway. 

This second CD from the band is a fairly diverse mixture of gentle pop and moderately adventurous rock.  Bowser’s distinctive vocals stand out as the main asset on the album.  His passion is felt in every tune and, even better, his vocal approach is not hackneyed or strained, something that too often is the downfall of other singers. 

Succinctly put, _Don’t Go Away_ consists of five really excellent tracks, and five just so-so ones.  On tunes such as “Survive,” a powerful piano ballad, and the haunting “Only to Please You,” he excels.  

The album loses a bit of steam as it hits its home stretch, although it is saved at the finish by the uber guitar-riffed  “Love is Everywhere.” 

Lyrically, _Don’t Go Away_ is about the norm for a worship album with straight-forward, church-crowd pleasing lyrics.  Nothing more, nothing less. 

Jeremiah Bowser (and Band) enters a crowded musical field (heck, let’s face it, overcrowded), but with another album or two, he might be able to elevate himself above the pack. 

Noel Lloyd 



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