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  Angel Without Wings: Karli Bonne (2003)
Artist: Karli Bonne
KarliBonne.Biz  7-57754-01302
Running Time: 60 minutes

Karli Bonne is a singer with a powerful voice and song lyrics to match.  In this CD, “Angel Without Wings,” Bonne tells her story through music.  From the first selection, “Angel Without Wings” to “My Serenade of Love” to “Who Is the Man: Mary Magdalene’s Dilemma,” we get to know Karli Bonne and the people in her life. 

 A year and a half ago, I reviewed Bonne’s CD The Promise of My Lord and commented that there was too much percussion and it detracted from the singer.  On this CD, there are 13 selections with arrangements from rap to Latino to rock..  I am pleased to write that percussion does NOT overwhelm the singer and lyrics. The lead piece, “Angel Without Wings’ is rousing and tells of self-doubt.  The next selection, “Answers,” asks for help, “…how many questions will I ask till I get a answer from you…”   “Craig’s Song,” is a love song to Bonne’s husband and has good acoustic guitar.  “Simply Serene” has wonderful lyrics about Jesus’ love, “ I hear you in everything around me, tell me do your wonders ever cease.”  

“Who Is The Man: Mary Magdalene’s Dilemma” is part dialogue and part vocals.  Mary tells her story about “…the man with just a word he opens up my soul…”  “I Want To Love Like You” has a Latino beat that envelopes the audience.  “I Love You,” the second-to-the-last song, is sung from the aspect of The Father, “…I am the first and I am the last, I am forever by your side.”

Karli Bonne’s voice is rich, full and with great vocal range.  She wraps her voice around her lyrics and beckons the listener to just plain LISTEN.  The songs on this CD are songs of her own experiences and of her faith.  

Copyright 2004 Marie Asner
Submitted 2/29/04


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