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  Empire of Dirt (EP)
Artist: Bella Futuro
Label: Make Break Records
length: 6/19:34

Bella Futuro describe themselves as “garage hip hop.”  That’s a pretty apt depiction, as they coming across as a Rage Against the Machine/Interpol type of band.  The first three songs on this disc sound a lot alike, with not much to separate them other than two second gaps.  “70 x 7” has the most intelligible lyrics (a different vocalist?), and shines above the other five tunes.

That said, “Ravenously Affectionate Uncle” hits hard from the beginning, and employs a catchy beat that will have you bobbing your head in no time.  The final track is mostly an instrumental number that reminds me of Faith No More.  Having played Cornerstone last year, this is a band that could garner some attention in years to come.

Brian A. Smith   1/8/2004


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