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  Bethany Dillon
Artist: Bethany Dillon 
Label: Sparrow
Length: 11 tracks/44 min.

Bethany Dillon has quickly entered the list of female artists that make great music and write great songs.

Dillon, who obviously will be and already has been compared to Jennifer Knapp, delivers an uplifting disc that Jennifer Knapp never had in her. This album is catchy and sounds great due to the fine production of Ed Cash (Dave Barnes, Bebo Norman) and Joshua Moore (Caedmons Call), but it is nothing original. Here is rootsy-rock that is more along the lines of Sara Groves. Dillon does a quality cover of the Amy Grant hit "Lead Me On" and it sounds just as fresh as it did back in 1988. Dillon even goes slightly bluegrass on "Exodus (faithful)." The only problem musically is that "Why" sounds a little too much like "Send Angels," a track off Plumb's debut album.

The lyrics are this album's strength. Dillon touches topics including self-esteem, the faithfulness of God, and the desire to be loved. Songs like "Beautiful" and "For My Love" deal with looking to the inner beauty of one's self instead of listening to the media's standards of beauty:

I want to be beautiful
And make you stand in awe
Look inside my heart
And be amazed
I want to hear you say
Who I am is quite enough
Just want to be worthy of love
And beautiful
"Great Big Mystery" discusses the work of God in one's life:
Nations fall when You speak
And You have spoken over me
I am tired of giving in so easily
The way You keep on loving me
Is changing everything I see
It's a great big mystery
This album would be the perfect anthem for teenage girls who are looking for an alternative to Avril Lavigne or Michelle Branch. Uplifting lyrics along with catchy songs are this album's strong points and shouldn't be passed up by guys or girls. Dillon has released a strong debut and, at age 15, should have a great career ahead of her.

Zach Delph 7/31/04 



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