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Artist: BarlowGirl
Label: Fervent records
Length: 11 tracks/43:34 min.

BarlowGirl threatens to do its best to overturn standard perceptions about girl bands. It starts with "Clothes" where in the words of Becca – “we had seen a movie and we were upset about the immodest clothing the actresses wore. It made us want to protect our brothers in Christ, and men in general against seeing such things.” Now that is a refreshing and radical viewpoint even in CCM where issues like that can be so easily compromised.  Shades of the Newsboys’ "God is Not a Secret To Be Kept' indeed and a great beginning, ladies.

Musically much of this debut album would sit (too) snugly on the shelves of most teen pop fodder and songs like "On My Own" and "Harder Than the First Time" with their slick sound and pristine tunes would certainly get the necessary attention from prepubescent audiences. Which is fine by me, as Godly themes are given crucial pride of place in these catchy light-hearted guitar pop songs. 

By Kevin Mathews 
Feb 12, 2004


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