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  Warren Barfield
Artist: Warren Barfield
Label: Creative Trust Workshop
Length: 11 tracks/43:21 min.
Warren Barfield knows how important integrity is as a singer-songwriter ostensibly in the service of the Almighty God. After all, the CCM scene may be a ghetto but it does provide a springboard to “bigger” things and too often artists choose to conveniently “forget” their identities the moment the mainstream comes calling. No names mentioned, mind, but too many examples of course spring to the memory.

So, Barfield wants honesty to be the keynote of his music. 

Is the person presented in heartfelt God-centric songs like "Mistaken" (“I wanna be mistaken for Jesus”), _You Inspire Me_ (I want to live a life of passion/that always points to You”), "My Heart Goes Out" (“Lord, help me do what I can do/To reach her, to teach her”) and "Somewhere Tonight" (“So hold on to Jesus/With all your might/And you will find hope in Him”) the true Warren Barfield? God only knows but that’s the point isn’t it, "Warren Barfield" by necessity has to be judged by the music and not the person behind it.

Musically, Barfield concocts a slick, professional, AOR sound that often suffers from displaced aloofness, kind of like Sting singing about the rain forest or something. But that’s a fairly minor complaint – where Barfield goes from here should make for interested watching.
Kevin Mathews


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