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  Absolute Worship
Artist: Various Artists
URL: <>
Label: Fervent Records
Times: 13 tracks/56:29 mins. (Disc 1)/ 12 tracks/55:23 mins. (Disc 2)

Is this absolutely necessary? CCM is such a limiting and incestuous genre that it falls into the trap of "preaching to the converted," providing an artificial divide between the sacred and the profane. It reinforces the abdication of the arts and music that artists of faith have effected for too long now. The buzzword amongst CCM circles continues to be "worship," and tacking together 25 tracks as a "value-for-money" bargain here, in fact, devalues the call to be salt and light. Yes, I know this sounds harsh and judgmental, but in my view, this is a narcissistic and insular exercise. I'm sorry if this offends anyone--that is not the intent--but isn't it time music of faith gets outside of this box in which we've conveniently placed it?

Kevin Mathews  April 18, 2004

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