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  The Creed
Artist: Avalon
Label: Sparrow
Length: 10 tracks

After numerous lineup changes and a three-year hiatus from recording a proper studio album, the foursome returns to form with The Creed.  With so many pop acts in Christian music going the rock or the semi-rock route, Avalon eschews those pretensions and sticks to their shiny pop guns on this new set.  Enlisting the help of Brown Bannister, Charlie Peacock, and Tedd T.,  The Creed is one of those self-indulgent, well-sung adult contemporary gems that runs the gamut from hyperactive ditties (“Overjoyed,” “I Wanna Be With You”) and diva pop (“Abundantly,” “I Bring It To You”) to majestic, orchestrated epics (“You Were There,” “The Creed”) and worshipful show-closers (“Renew Me”).

Vocal pop may not be the most creative thing on earth, but it’s certainly a genre where Avalon are hard to top.

Andree Farias 02/16/2004

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