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  The EP
Artist: Angry Atom 
Label: Right Left Records 
Time: Six tracks
Let it all loose and deliver some passion. That might as well be Angry Atom's motto, with British-styled grit. Angry Atom's The EP couldn't be locked down at first. It had pop punk appeal, yet it also had a more. This four-year-old band sounds like an old school punk band that caters toward British punk, yet also has a modern punk drive to it, yes and no. Yes being punk with an old school and modern British styling. No being that it's not as clean-cut as old school, or just modern, or just British, and they are from Minnesota, not Europe. And they are talented. Angry Atom pulls all this off and does it well with that certain British punk snarl yet also includes a driving melodic old and new layer. Angry Atom's The EP is a great, well rounded punk example. More importantly, look to see this band punk rock live.
Len Nash 2/26/2004

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