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  Turn the Page
Artist: Aaron Thompson 
Label: Disciple Records
Length: 12/

Turn the Page is a plea from Aaron Thompson for its listeners to find comfort in God, and to move away for the things that hinder them from finding peace.  The title track is dedicated to victims of sexual abuse, and speaks of healing the wounds that have been inflicted upon them:

Flowers can bloom in the desert,
Pain can subside with the passage of time
Truth can be spoken in whispers
Rivers can rest in the strength of the sea.
Turn the page…
Thompson’s style could be described as '80’s lite rock, that would come across better in concert than on CD ­ the guitars here are muted in order to make the vocals heard.  His vocals are especially song on “Mary Pray for Me” , even if his theology is questionable.  “Great and Eternal God” is a nice contemporary worship song. “Is It True?” is the most pointed song, challenging those who would claim to be Christians to prove it in the way that lead their lives, so that others can believe what they are claiming.

Turn the Page is authentic, in that its message rings true, and Thompson’s voice shows that the album isn’t just thrown together.  There is a lot of truth here that we would all do well to listen to.

Brian A. Smith  3/7/2004


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