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  Accelerate in Slow Motion
Artist: @nonymous
Label: Indie

@nonymous is comprised of four young men who have put together a impressive package, for in indie release. The CD comes in a nicely designed cover, and the music is crisp and well produced by the guys in the band. @nonymous is a band of fine musicians and worship leaders from Northern California, writing worship music for the mellow college campus groups they probably play to.

Getting back to the music, the songs are mostly jangly guitars and keyboard driven easy pop with worship lyrics. The over all effect could be compared to Jars of Clay after a week end of no sleep. The songs are occasionally catchy and rocky ["Make You Famous," "Stare," "Burn the Cycle"], sometimes drag ["Slow Motion"], and sometimes both in the same song ["Accelerate"], but that's par for the genre. Accelerate in Slow Motion is an enjoyable tranquil blessing, which is more than I can say for many bigger selling worship CDs.

Tony LaFianza  6/5/2004



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